Are you struggling with finding a project tracking tool? You do not need to look anymore because here in this article we are going to discuss and explain what a multiple project tracking template is and how is it helpful in managing your project.

The tracking templates are mostly designed to have a track of the project performance at every step of the way.

It helps in maintaining the best project quality management and is useful in achieving your project goals on time. Keeping a bird’s eye on every project will also reduce the chances of errors and problems to the considerably lowest level.

The project tracking template is also very useful and efficient when it comes to managing multiple projects. It allows the managers to have a better understanding of what is going on and help them manage and track the project process and tasks.

Why Project Tracking Template is Important?

The tracking template is very popular in the field of project management due to its amazing performance. The template will allow you to keep an eye on the progress and also notify you if there are any issues in the progress.

What Should Be Included in a Project Tracker?

The importance of this amazing tool is undeniable. The list is endless but the following are some of the most significant and promising features:

  1. It will allow you to keep an eye on the tasks associated with every member of the team. So that you can monitor their performance in project development individually.
  2. You will have comprehensive data about the different projects in one place. This will save you quite a lot of time and makes your job a bit easy for you.
  3. This also aids in keeping an eye on the start and expected finish date of the project. This will eventually help in completing the project on time due to proper tracking.
  4. You can also monitor the progress of completed, ongoing, and tasks on hold. This will be helpful in maintaining a flow in the project completion.
  5. The status and progress of each task can also be monitored and tracked separately by using this amazing tracking tool.

Format of Multiple Project & Task Tracker Template

Multiple project tracking means tracking and following up with more than one project at a time in one template. Managing and keeping a trail of numerous deadlines at a time is quite a challenging and difficult job to do.


Now the trick is to be able to build and network or system to track every task of every project without any trouble. Therefore, in this situation, a proper and effective tracking template can help the managers to cover all the projects easily.

Every project manager should have a Multiple project tracking template on hand when managing more than one project at a time. This tracking template can be of different types and categories.

For instance, it could be daily weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly. Thus, it is recommended to use daily or at least weekly tracking to manage your project efficiently. It will keep you updated and help in providing a brief update of your project development.

Multiple Project Tracking Template
Multiple Project Tracking Template

How Do I Track Project Hours in Excel?

If you are unable to complete your project on time and are late in delivering the products, this could have a very bad influence on your project.

As customers and stakeholder’s satisfaction is necessary for the success of your business projects. This can only be accomplished by proper time planning and timely delivery of your deliverables.

So, that is why project managers give so much importance to time management.

Issue Tracking Template Excel

Every project always has a probability to face some problems and issues during its lifecycle. The first course of action should be an identification of the issue.

There is quite a variety of issue-tracking tools available these days. You can choose the most suitable one according to your project needs and requirements. Then you must assign the issue resolving duty to the suitable member of your team as soon as possible.

Issue Tracking Template Excel
Issue Tracking Template Excel

The key is to track down and resolve the issue on time with the minimum damage possible. This is possible by using a reliable and efficient issue tracking template.

Project Time Tracking Template

Time is one of the most valuable and very crucial aspects when it comes to project management. A project cannot be completed successfully on time without proper time management. A proper plan should be in place to manage time in the project process. This is vital for the timely completion of the tasks in a project.

Employee Performance Tracking Template

In the project, there could be many people involved as team members. So, taking account of the performance of each member can be quite tiring and difficult. To make it manageable managers often go for employee performance tracker templates.

Consequently, this helps in tracking the team members’ work performance and their part in the success of the project. By using this template, you can also easily assign duties according to the performance of a particular employee.


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