Agile Roadmap Template

What Is Agile Project Planning?

It is a project management technology that breaks down mighty project objectives into small achievable tasks.  Tasks are divided into sprints of 1 to 3 weeks and the cycle is repeated.

The majority of the project management organizations have shifted to agile planning because this adaptable planning system is easy to manage and time-saving. Stakeholders, team members, and managers are quite aware of the week-to-week changes taking place in that project.

Benefits of Agile Template Using in Project Management

The agile project planning template is used widely for project management purposes. By using this template, the project manager and the organization can start it with a broader vision and direction. Few benefits are mentioned here;

Enhanced Quality of Work

Project Management Life Cycle Phases
Project Management Life Cycle Phases

Improved planning results in better outcomes. Both the client and production teams are directly in contact with each other and this easy communication helps the client to make desirable changes in the final product.

Strong Grip Over the Project

the constant check on the quality of the product and frequent communication between both the parties is a plus point and it gives a better grip over the project.

Minimizing Risk

Better knowing about the coming tasks helps the team to plan accordingly. This automatically reduces the chances of technical and production risks.

Focused Team

Agile planning brings so much positivity and everything is pre-planned which reduces the burden on the production The lesser the burden the more motivated and focused the team will be.

Improved Predictability and Flexibility

A better grip on the project improves the flexibility of the team. All the tasks are done in sprints so the well-defined deadlines make the project much more predictable.

Categories of Agile Project Initiation Document Template (PID)

Agile project initiation is different from the traditional one. Agile works for the overall success of the project while the initiation document focuses on the pre-project planning and documentation to get a clear image of the project. Agile project initiation document includes;

Agile Project Initiation Document
Agile Project Initiation Document
  • Project Summary/Brief

Agile project managers often ignore this part but it is the most stressful thing in a project.  The Project brief before the start nearly sets the direction of the whole project.

  • Team Formation:

Identify who can be responsible for what according to their skill and capacity. And then form teams for the specific task. You can provide the training before the start if it is required.

  • Initiation plan:

It gives information about the expectation of the end product of the project.  The better and realistic the initiation plan the more adaptable it will be.

  • Initial Requirements:

Look for the things, technology, people, and minors who are required to fulfill the project objectives.

These are the categories of templates in agile software.

  • Agile Project Plan Template:

Project plan templates are quite useful in managing everything in a project. As it breaks down into sprints and the further spreadsheet is made accordingly.

●Agile Project Plan Template
● Agile Project Plan Template

The core components are task titles which are further categorized into sub-tasks following priority level. The owner of the task is allocated. Further starting and ending dates are defined with another column having the status of the task (yet to be done, in progress, complete)

  • Agile Product Roadmap Template:

The agile roadmap helps to form a suitable product strategy. The product roadmap may have variations according to the ongoing situation of the market.

Agile Roadmap Template
Agile Roadmap Template

Every company can set up its own roadmap by keeping in view product vision and strategy. Also, allocate team and stakeholders according to your product. Frequently check the roadmap and make changes if needed.

  • Agile Sprint Planning Template Excel:

Sprint is set according to the deadline of the product. It can be called the phases or steps in which tasks are subdivided. Sprint duration can vary from 8 to 10 hours to the limit of 1 week or a month. The team plans their work in reference to the sprint.

●Agile Sprint Planning Template Excel
● Agile Sprint Planning Template Excel

By using this technique team members are better engaged and motivated to finish the task on time. Tracking the progress is another plus point that keeps the working team and the rest of the people involved, updated about the progress of the project.

  • Agile Requirements Document Template:

It works well in the planning phase of the project. Agile requirement document is similar to business requirement document. Actually, the main idea of both the templates is the same. It includes an understandable definition of the project. Scope of the product, features of the product, and its market presence are included.

●Agile Requirements Document Template
● Agile Requirements Document Template

Business partners involved are also recorded in this document. All necessary documentation required for a business plan is done.

How to Create AGILE PID in Excel Template?


Nowadays most companies prefer agile software for product initiation documents. It amplifies the project management system thoroughly. This particular document has everything you need.

It is formed in the pre-planning phase of the project and then further amendments are made as to the project progress. Agile project initiation document template contains project title or name, project manager, stakeholders, sponsors, clients, production, and management team as well.

Deadlines are also decided before the start of the project. So, starting and completion date is recorded which keeps the team motivated and focused towards the final outcome of the project. Always go for the achievable target and realistic deadline otherwise you may face trouble at the end of the project.

Project details are also mentioned in the initiation document. The summary of the project is precise but self-explanatory.

Objectives, expected outcomes. Budget and possible limitations are recorded before the start. It helps to develop a clear plan of action for the smooth running of the project. By the initiation document name of the project manager making the document and data is added. This is used as an official document and has its worth.

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