“Employee performance evaluation” can also be called performance review. Every organization conducts its employee’s performance reviews to get feedback on their quality and status of work.

A formal document is written when the evaluation is conducted. Some organizations conduct reviews monthly, some bi-yearly, and some yearly as well.

It depends upon the length of the project they are working on and also the nature of the work. Marketing employees have their goals set and reviews are conducted according to those standards.

Performance reviews are conducted to motivate the employees who are working well with incentives and the ones performing before the average standard are given.

Some organizations typically conduct performance evaluations by the end of the initial probation period and the ones meeting the performance standards are removed from the list and made permanent team members.

The evaluation pattern is well structured and the record is kept safe for future comparison and performance-based incentives. Formal observations are also done by the supervisors to keep up with the progress.

Employee Performance Evaluation Template
Employee Performance Evaluation Template

Importance of Employee Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation is not only important for the employer but also for the employee and its a basic part of human resource management. The ways in which both the parties are benefited are different.

In case something goes wrong during the project, this formal document on performance evaluation can help you take legal action with the supporting evidence to claim.

It further keeps the team motivated when positive feedback is generated, this will directly impact the performances in the future and bring better outcomes.

On the other hand, performance review helps the employee to stay more focused and work better for the growth and development of his/ her career.

Senior team members are not easily accessible throughout the project but when the days are approaching for the evaluation you might get a chance to interact with them and get a one-to-one insight about their personal performance and ask for a promotion.

As the performance evaluation gives the status of the employee’s performance, certain measurement parameters are set on which you can get incentives or bonuses. Positive reinforcement can bring out better outcomes like better communication and improved results.

Types of Employee Performance Evaluation Template

To do the same thing, there are different ways and patterns. Some of the performance evaluation templates are mentioned below;

Employee Performance Review Template

Basic elements of performance review templates remain the same but some patterns or arrangements might differ. Simple performance review has the employee information on the top like employee name, id, position, department, reviewer name, and title.

The date of review is also mentioned. Characteristics on which evaluation are stated with the measuring scale. Previous goals and future goals on which review is to be conducted are mentioned.

Additional comments can also be added if required. In the end, employee signature and reviewer signature are to be done.

Employee Performance Review Template
Employee Performance Review Template

Performance Appraisal Template

Performance appraisal is a good way to rate individual performances during the review period. To determine the overall performance after some time with the help of appraisal form which can rating scale which is denoted in numerical values. Different parameters or evaluation criteria are made neutrally and assessment is carried out.

Performance Appraisal Template
Performance Appraisal Template

Mid-Year Employee Performance Evaluation

 Different duration is set for the performance evaluation; the most suitable one is mid-year evaluation. The evaluation process leads the organization and an individual to a better direction by keeping the goals of the organization the topmost priority.

It also encourages the employees to perform better by engaging in the activities of the project. Resources and other support are determined. End of year review might put you in some sort of shock or surprise so, it is advised to conduct a mid-year review to stay updated about the happenings of the project.

Moreover, you can bring the desired changes in the second half of the year to meet the goals of the organization.  Different questions for the evaluation are asked depending on the measurement criteria of the organization as well as the position of the employee.

Mid-Year Employee Performance Evaluation
Mid-Year Employee Performance Evaluation

How to Create an Employee Performance Evaluation Report?

To create an evaluation template you need to create a document in MS word by gathering the information required to conduct a review.

Create a list of employees with their designated roles and responsibilities. Once you have made the list, start taking notes regarding the performances of employees and use objective language to avoid biases.

Communicate with the employee to bring improvement in performance. Carefully design your own report by identifying the performance measurement parameters.

Compare the performances of employees working in the same position. If problems are identified you need to make alterations. To get the better insight you can also ask open-ended questions to draw better conclusions