Action Plan Gantt Chart Template

The best way to start a project is to work on a to-do list. Plan the activities according to the timeline of the project. Keeping a proper list will help the team stay focused and motivated to meet the deadlines. An action plan will help you to form achievable objectives or goals with a structured approach.

Project management has overall evolved the planning and brainstorming procedures of the project. An action plan sets the small baby steps for the success of the project. The action plan keeps the activities aligned as it is basically the overall task management of the project with clearly defined deadlines.

Project Management Action Plan Template is a structured document that serves as a roadmap for effectively executing and completing a project. It outlines the essential steps, tasks, and responsibilities required to achieve project objectives within the specified timeframe and allocated resources.

The template acts as a comprehensive guide for project managers and teams, ensuring everyone is on the same page and working towards a common goal.

Quality Improvement Action Plan

An important thing to consider while setting up a quality action plan is to keep in mind that you are working towards the main goal of your project in steps to develop a realistic framework. Some important factors that are settled in an action plan are;

  • Who is going to lead and what it is to be?
  • What is the duration of completion for certain tasks?
  • Do proper categorization of tasks on the basis of priority.
  • Settle the technical and financial matters related to each task.
  • Why is a task important to reach the main objective of the project?

What Should an Action Plan Include?

  • List down the tasks that will help you reach the main goal
  • Develop an achievable work breakdown of the listed tasks
  • Organize the task list and its dependencies
  • Set the roughly estimated duration for these tasks
  • Form a timeline
  • Try to set milestones to keep the team motivated
  • Organize resources
  • Work breakdown according to the capacity of each participant in a team
  • Keep the track of your progress

Here is an example of a project management action plan using the Gantt chart template. See you the project goals are organized in steps to achieve the actual target. Also, set up realistic and deliverable goals so that your team faces no disappointment.

Action Plan Template typically includes the project’s scope, objectives, timeline, and budget. It breaks down the project into manageable phases and tasks, each accompanied by clear milestones and deliverables.

Additionally, the template identifies the individuals or teams responsible for each task, promoting accountability and efficient collaboration.

Project Management Action Log Template

For the execution of a plan, it is better to build an action log to have everything assembled in one list. The list carries all the necessary information regarding the actions to be taken. Some common information recorded in the action template is the person responsible for a particular activity, duration details also the expense can be recorded in the action log to keep a thorough track of the project.

Not all companies or projects require the same pattern of project action log. For convenience, there are different templates that can be used as per the requirement of the project.

  • Corrective Action Log Template

Action log is not only restricted to tasks record details. You can set up an action log for the problem that is expected to come in the progress of the project. You can form a log for the problems with the proposed corrective action plan and the person responsible for it.

  • Action Decision Log Template

It is a step further to the corrective action log. The final decision regarding the corrective action to be taken is recorded. The person responsible for the corrective action along with the status of the action is added in this template. Also, not all the correction actions are taken instantly, depending upon the urgency you need to decide when the action is to be taken.

  • Project Management Action Log Template

The template maintains a list of the actions that are required with relevant dates and the owners of those actions as per the decision of the supervisors. Also, the status of those actions can be tracked through this template.


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Meeting Action Items Template

Meeting action items are precisely notes from the participants who have taken part in a meeting. The meetings conducted during a project are likely to revolve around the progress of the project towards the main goal or outcome of the project.

The meeting action items list also makes the team clear about the motives on which light is shed during a meeting. It saves time and energy for the further brief and guidelines that are set to meet the targets. Meeting action items list keeps your team on one page which keeps them organized to perform tasks individually or as a team.

Check out Project Initiation Document Template as a Related Template.

How To Write Action Points For a Meeting?

  • Clarify the tasks or items that are important for the project
  • Now you need to see why a certain task is important and how it is leading the project towards success
  • Decide the tentative date for the completion of those tasks
  • Considering the skills of team members assign them relevant tasks
  • Now, plan for the upcoming things of the project.

Action Plan Template plays a crucial role in project management by facilitating effective communication among stakeholders, enabling them to track progress and identify potential risks and obstacles. Regularly reviewing and updating the plan ensures adaptability to changing circumstances and helps keep the project on track.


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