What is the HR KPI Dashboard?

HR KPI dashboard is a tool in project management that helps the team to analyze, track and report. Dashboards combine data and provide it in a single window that can be studied in depth for analysis. It is an easier way to find insights and improve the HR function of the team in an organization.

Expectations of HR can differ from one organization to another but the dashboard provides an effective management system. With the help of the HR KPI dashboard, the project management can acquire valuable information.

As technological advancement is taking place rapidly hence the HR method is evolving too. You can bring variation in HR reporting from simple basic reporting to high-level data analysis. The main job of the HR KPI dashboard is to work efficiently and bring better outcomes.

Some known Human Resource KPIs that leads towards success are as follows;

Concrete: Make sure your KPIs are tangible or realistic and lead you towards your goals.

Measurable: KPI should be measured; if it is immeasurable then you need to check your strategic plan.

Reachable: If you are making unrealistic KPI that is unreachable too then you can’t measure the success of the project.

Relevant: When making KPIs make sure that they matter for the success of the project and are not only time-consuming.

Format & Types of HR Dashboard Template

The main role of the dashboard is to manage insight which will help you to make further decisions, data analysis, payroll management, reporting as well as talent management. To manage HR-related activities plenty of templates are available for free. Some best HR dashboard templates are mentioned below;

Executive HR Dashboard

One big responsibility of HR is to review performances and KPIs together. And this template provides an opportunity to deal with them easily. High-level metrics regarding employee roles and responsibilities can be seen on the dashboard.

Fig. 1 Executive HR dashboard
Fig. 1 Executive HR Dashboard

Employee Performance Dashboard

This template helps to measure the effectiveness of the strategic plan and goals of the workforce. It keeps the progress under constant check by keeping a check on individual performance.

Fig. 2 Employee Performance Dashboard
Fig. 2 Employee Performance Dashboard

Employee Development Dashboard

In any organization, employees are the greatest asset that can lead a project towards success or failure. The template deals with the training schedule, cost, and time invested in it.

Fig. 3 Employee development dashboard
Fig. 3 Employee Development Dashboard

What is the Main HR KPI in Dashboard?

KPI of some of the HR dashboards is mentioned here to give you a brief insight into the HR process and its management.

KPI in Employee Performance Appraisal?

There are a variety of ways to measure the performance of an employee. But each organization has planned their KPI for an evaluation system depending on the requirement of a project. Some indicators to measure performances are;

  • Quantity: The number of sales matters a lot for a marketing employee
  • Quality: Number of errors in the work performed by an individual
  • Speed: Project completion is directly related to the speed of employees.
  • Cost: The salary of an employee in the comparison with the revenue generated by his performance

Employee Training KPI

Training is an important component in HR management. And KPI is defined to measure the effectiveness of the training. Some KPIs are mentioned below;

  • Results or scores of the training session
  • Skill measurement to check the effectiveness
  • The course of training attendance
  • Employee satisfaction rate regarding the training

Recruitment Tracker KPI

Recruitment KPI can be set on the basis of the objective of an organization or the job opening because as a result, the recruitment is going to impact the success and progress of the project. Look out for the ways that will help you to locate the best talent.

  • Huge numbers of candidates apply for one post; not all of them qualify for the next stage. Make sure that your job ad posting strategy is accurate to find the candidates
  • Application completion rate is another parameter to track the recruitment effectiveness.
  • Make sure that you have enough resources to conduct recruitment and filter out the suitable candidates
  • Select the right time for hiring and make a proper schedule then reach out to the selected candidates.
  • Quality of hire measures the success of the hiring procedure

Employee Salary Slip KPI

To measure the accuracy of the salary releasing process some KPIs are made which are mentioned here;

  • Cost of payroll, the strategy is to make the payroll an inexpensive process
  • Salary management according to the right time
  • Calculation of overtime an employee has done and then add the respective amount to the actual salary
  • Keeping the record of leaves of each employee. Leaves can be paid or unpaid so it is important to check that too
  • Cost invested on employee training.