Project Quality Management Plan Template

Project Quality Control Chart Template

A Quality control plan template Excel is used to see changes over a time period in a project. Graphs can be plotted according to the statistical data of the project. The plot is created always in reference to the time with upper control limit, lower control limit, and average line.

All these lines are then compared with the available data from the past. And with this comparison, you can get the information about the variation, either it’s consistent, below the expectations, or unpredictable.

Control Chart Template
Control Chart Template

A control chart is majorly used to check the stability of the growth in a project or product development. It highlights if the product quality is going down below the average so that the company can make suitable changes to improve the quality of the final product.

Quality Control Plan Template in Excel is a valuable tool used by organizations to ensure the consistent and high-quality delivery of products or services.

This document serves as a comprehensive guide that outlines the various quality control measures and procedures to be followed throughout the project’s lifecycle.

The Excel format allows for easy customization and tracking of key metrics, making it a user-friendly and accessible resource for project teams.

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Format of Project Quality Management Plan Template

Fig. 1 Control Chart in excel
Fig. 1 Control Chart in excel
  • Input and format your data. Entering data correctly is the most important part of the control chart and then organizing data in such a way the data appears scattered or clustered around the reference point. If the values aren’t organized in such a way you’ll not get a proper control chart.
  • Organize your data and label them with titles like number, range, and average, upper and lower limit.
  • Now, define your upper and lower limit line values and arrange them in ascending order, apply the formula so that it appears correctly in the graph.
  • Set up an average formula so the column will auto-fill as soon as you select and apply the formula.
  • Now, in the final step, you need to select the columns in which you are looking for deviation. In figure 1 graphical representation of the control chart is given.

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Project Quality Management Plan (PQM)

A good project quality plan gives the team information about the objectives and goals of the project and keeps them updated about the small milestones to reach the final outcome of the project.

How to Write a Project Quality Plan?

First of all, you need to define the quality parameters of the project so that you can do a comparison and get an update about the ongoing situation of the project. Different things may fall in the quality plan of the project. Quality parameters can be made according to the performance of the team members as well as they can be set up according to the milestones or deliverables of the project.

Fig. 2 (a) and (b) Project Quality Plan
Fig. 2 (a) and (b) Project Quality Plan

A project manager is the one responsible for forming a project quality plan and getting it approved by the higher authority like stakeholders or sponsors and project supervisors. So that both the parties are aware of the quality plan of the project. Different Quality control plan templates Excel is available online; one example of a construction quality plan is attached.

Fig. 3 Quality Control Plan for Construction Project
Fig. 3 Quality Control Plan for Construction Project

Quality Log Guideline

Fig. 4 Quality log guideline template
Fig. 4 Quality log guideline template

Each company requires a specific type of quality log depending upon the functioning capacity but the core purpose of the log is to define the characteristics on which you have to work for quality assurance.

Quality control logs can be made on a weekly or monthly basis to keep up with the quality of the products or final outcome of the project. Quality standards can be added in the reason column in the place of the description.

Adding these titles will help you to clearly record the data. You can get this log printed and easily add the data as per the progress of the project. It is a great tool to maintain the quality standards as the main standards are available right in front of you and you are more focused to work on them.

Quality Management Plan Template

The Quality control plan template falls under the category of the project management plan. The main purpose of a quality management plan is to never compromise on the quality standards of the company and make sure the final product is up to the mark.

Quality assurance and quality control plans are the parts of the quality management plans. The project manager and the leading team members along with the stakeholders develop a safe quality management plan. On-ground teams are made aware of the set of rules for the maintenance of the quality standards.

Every company has set up their own quality measures depending upon the products they are working on. A software house will require different quality standards than a nuclear power plant or a food processing company. But few generalized variables of the quality management plan are as follows;

  • Well-defined project scope and the title are required to work on.
  • Project details and description is required, along with the approved documents of the project.
  • Proper quality standards as per the project’s nature.
  • Explain why you need some quality standards and how it is going to impact the performance of the project. Even deadlines fall in the category of quality standards.
  • The role and responsibilities of the team are determined to keep the quality parameters in strict check and balance.
  • Deliverables of the project are mentioned and a quality review system is also developed.
  • Quality control check steps are pre-defined to measure the quality of the final product whether it falls in the criteria or not.

Quality Control Plan Template typically includes sections that cover the project’s objectives, scope, and specifications, along with clear definitions of quality standards and acceptance criteria.

It outlines the roles and responsibilities of team members involved in quality assurance and control, ensuring everyone understands their respective tasks and accountabilities.

The template also incorporates inspection and testing procedures, as well as protocols for identifying and addressing defects or deviations.

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Project Quality Management Plan Template
Project Quality Management Plan Template

Quality Matrix

It is impossible to measure the quality if you haven’t set up some standard at the start of the project. The quality metrics help to bring the clients’ needs into physical existence. And these metrics are defined in the planning phase of the project.

Fig. 6 Example of Quality Matrix
Fig. 6 Example of Quality Matrix

Quality metrics are the chief component of the quality management plan. Quality review is carried out by carefully analyzing the fulfillment of these set metrics. The project manager in collaboration with the quality assurance team sets these targets and then the review process tells about the success or the failure of the project.

All the data is collected for review and then an unbiased report is generated. Scores obtained are treated as the results of the plan.

By utilizing a Quality Control Plan Template in Excel, organizations can establish a structured approach to quality management, promote consistency across different projects, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

The ability to track and analyze quality data within a familiar spreadsheet format empowers teams to make informed decisions, continuously improve processes, and maintain a strong focus on delivering products or services of the highest standard.

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