Are you looking for timely management of the tasks in your ongoing project? Your search is over because we are going to introduce you to the most amazing and very helpful tool which is a “Gantt chart template“.

The Gantt chart basically is introduced in the 1900s and used in representing the start and end of project tasks in a specific time frame.

It is a useful template for effective project management and planning. this is also very useful and helpful in the strategic planning process.

The Gantt chart also allows you to implement the project plan efficiently and complete the project processes on time without any delays.

Best Gantt Chart Consist of the Following

  1. View Gantt report (Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, Annually)
  2. Multiple Projects progress tracking through %
  3. Multiple color options for tasks complete and incomplete
  4. Show each Project Milestone progress in a different color
  5. Dependencies of single & multiple projects with defined roles
  6. Show Measure 1 (Start and End Date) Set Measure 2 in Gantt Title

The template will help you understand what the Gantt chart is and why is it important. It also walks you through the Gantt chart and its milestone.

Gantt Chart Template in Excel is a powerful and widely used tool for project management and scheduling. It offers a clear and visual representation of a project’s timeline, tasks, and their respective durations.

The chart takes its name from Henry Gantt, a management consultant who pioneered this method in the early 20th century. The Excel template provides a user-friendly interface to create and customize Gantt charts efficiently.

How Gantt chart is used in project scheduling?

Gantt chart is mainly quality management and organizing projects of different sizes and categories. By using this tool, you will be able to see the start and finish dates of the tasks.

You will also be able to analyze what task will take and how much time to complete. You can plan and schedule different tasks from multiple projects by using this template.

You will also be able to see the difference in actual time and planned time for the completion of different tasks.

Which eventually will aid in saving you time and resources by ensuring the strategic planning of your project. The Gantt chart allows you to have a better and clear picture of the tasks and their timelines.

Furthermore, this is easy, user-friendly, and less time-consuming. You do not need any specialized training for using this template. All you need to do is have the know-how of Microsoft Excel.

Format of Gantt Chart Template

Gantt chart is among the category of bar charts which are known as “HARMONOGRAM“. This illustrates the project plan in graphical form.

In this, the horizontal part of the graph represents the time and the vertical is for the different tasks performed.

Therefore, the width of the horizontal part which depicts the time will allow you to see how much time a task is taking to reach the finish line.

When you are making a Gantt chart you must make sure that you have included the following information in it:

  1. First, you must add the activities and processes of your project to Gantt. As if you miss any one of them the whole system of planning and time management will disturb, and everything will eventually collapse.
  2. Then the next thing is time estimates and you can not miss this one. The whole point of making a Gantt chart is task management according to the time given. There is no way that the Gantt chart will possibly work without time estimates, as time is one of the vital parts of this tool.
  3. Lastly, the dependencies of one task on another should be thoroughly studied. Consequently, a Gantt chart should include clear and accurate predecessors in it for it to work effectively.

Gantt Chat Task Managemnet

Level Task Assign To Start Date End Date Call Days % Done # of Work Days Remaining
1 Meeting and site survey John Deodeo 5-Apr-20 6-Apr-20 3 67% 2 1
1.2 Meeting with John Dee Jenifer 5-Apr-20 5-Apr-20 2 50% 1 1
1.3 Site Survey John Deo 5-Apr-20 6-Apr-20 3 67% 2 1
1.4 Design and Material calculations Jenifer 7-Apr-20 15-Apr-20 6 83% 5 1
2 Renovation design-1 Bruce Tailor 7-Apr-20 9-Apr-20 2 50% 1 1
2.1 Material calculation – 1 Bruce Tailor 7-Apr-17 10-Apr-20 2 100% 2 0
2.2 Internal Review John Deodeo 9-Apr-20 11-Apr-20 2 100% 2 0
2.3 Renovation design-2 John Deodeo 11-Apr-20 13-Apr-20 3 100% 3 0
2.4 Material calculation – 2 Jenifer 11-Apr-20 14-Apr-20 3 100% 3 0
2.5 Proposal John Deodeo 13-Apr-20 15-Apr-20 2 50% 1 1
3 Design and Budget Approval Bruce Tailor 15-Apr-20 19-Apr-17 3 100% 3 0
3.1 Meeting with John Deer Jaime Sonders 16-Apr-20 17-Apr-20 1 100% 1 0
3.2 Design Approval John Deodeo 16-Apr-20 19-Apr-20 3 100% 3 0
3.3 Preparation Mark 16-Apr-20 30-Apr-20 12 67% 8 4
3.4 Vendor Preparation Jaime Sonders 18-Apr-20 25-Apr-20 7 57% 4 3
3.5 Material Preparation John Deodeo 18-Apr-20 25-Apr-20 7 57% 4 3
4 Worker Preparation Mark 20-Apr-20 30-Apr-20 7 71% 5 2
4.1 Renovation Jaime Sonders 1-May-20 4-Jul-20 49 96% 47 2

Gantt Chart with Milestones Excel Template

Gantt chart individually is surely a very useful planning tool. But when the milestones are added its efficiency improves and enhances to many folds.

Following are some of the benefits of using the Gantt with milestones:

  1. It provides you with a birdseye view of all the activities and tasks at the different levels of the project cycle.
  2. Makes sure that your project is on the right task without any errors or issues in the way.
  3. This tool allows you to have a proper timeline, so it saves you quite a lot of time.
  4. Effective management will allow you to save money and resources. As it makes sure that nothing goes to waste due to mismanaging.
  5. It keeps your team well-managed and aware of all the important events by spotlighting their time in advance.
  6. This also allows you to cut down your project tasks into simple and manageable pieces. Which eventually makes your job a lot easy and less hectic for you.

The template typically consists of columns that represent various tasks or activities and rows that display the timeline or schedule.

Each task is represented by a bar that spans across the relevant timeframe, indicating its start and end dates. Additionally, Gantt charts often include other important details, such as task dependencies, responsible team members, and milestones.

Overview of Free Gantt Chart Template Available on Projectmanagementools


Agile Gantt Chart Template

Milestones are basically the representation of the important dates and events in the Project Lifecycle. It shows a graphical representation of the key incidents and actions going on in the project.

Furthermore, the important events could be the starting and finish time of a project, important project meetings, or important dates for the delivery of your products.

As milestones highlight the essential dates, this helps you keep up to date and you will not miss out on any important event. Thus, the milestones work as flashlights of important moments and spots on the product roadmap.

WBS Gantt Chart Excel with Sub-Tasks

You can add multiple sub-tasks according to deliverables. Work breakdown structure comes very handy when you are managing a big setup of business and there is a good chance that you may miss important events.

But milestones in Gantt work as flashlights and assist you in not missing out on any significant happening in your project.

How to Create a Gantt Chart in Excel With Milestones?

Following are some of the important steps one must keep in mind when creating a Gantt chart with milestones:

  1. First, you must identify and take account of all the critical and most important tasks highlighted in your project plan with the milestones associated with them.
  2. Secondly, it is very important to find out and scrutinize the dependencies of different tasks on each other.
  3. After that, you must put down the tasks into the Gantt chart for further planning and scheduling. And the time duration of each step-in task is also decided and documented in this stage.
  4. Next, comes the making of tables of a task in the Gantt chart and specifically identifying the milestones accordingly.
  5. Lastly, the chart-making step is done by converting the numerical data into bar charts. This way the information is much clearer and easy to understand.

And voila, you finally have a perfectly maintained Gantt chart will milestones incorporated into it.



As we have seen that the Gantt chart is vital for smart planning and execution of the project and milestones are the extra topping in the efficiency of this tool. So, when you are planning your project it is highly recommended to use a Gantt chart with milestones in it.

Gantt Chart Template in Excel is a valuable tool that aids in project planning, execution, and monitoring. Its user-friendly interface and flexibility make it an indispensable asset for project managers, helping them streamline processes, manage resources efficiently, and ultimately ensure the successful completion of projects within the specified timeframe.


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