Today’s topic: “Project Management Plan Templates“. Project management planning is an integral and very important part of managing any project.

Without the proper and well-defined plan, there is a higher chance of failing the project and all your finances and resources could go to waste as well. That is why project management professionals give so much importance to scheduling and planning.

A project plan is one of the most important parts of any project and is critical in maintaining the flow of the project. By having a plan on hand you can easily proceed with the order and can also wind up at the same time.

This article is all about Project management planning and its importance in managing a project. We will also have a look at some of the examples to clarify the concept of project management and planning.

Format of Project Management Plan Templates

A project management plan template is a document that contains all the information about the project and its goals. It is created by the project manager, and it includes a description of the project, its objectives, risks, and constraints.

It also includes a detailed description of each phase of the project, as well as an estimate of how long each phase will take.

The key to success in any project is following a well-thought-out plan. A good plan should include all necessary tasks to complete the desired goal; be realistic with time estimates; identify potential risks; and outline contingencies for those risks that may happen.

Additionally, project management plan templates in Excel are critical for the success of any business. One of the project manager’s most important jobs is creating and maintaining a project management plan. This document ensures that everyone involved in the project is on the same page, literally.

Projects and Task List


Main Dashboard


Project Milestone


There are a lot of different ways to create a project management plan. But one of the easiest and most popular methods is to use Excel templates. Excel templates can be beneficial in creating a project management plan.

They can help you track important data, such as project milestones and tasks, and can also be used to create charts and graphs. These templates provide a great starting point for building your plan.

Plus, they can be customized to fit your specific needs. When choosing an Excel template, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, make sure that the template is compatible with the version of Excel you are using. Second, check to see if the template includes all of the features you need.

An Overview of Project Management Plan Templates

A project management plan basically is an authenticated document that shows all the important steps and represents how the project is going to be executed. It highlights the project Milestone, scope, goals, and objectives. This is basically the sum plan of all the planning stages of the project. And is sure plays a considerably important role in the development and success of the project.

The Project Management Plan provides a roadmap for the project to run on. Without any plan, your project can get detracted and result in a waste of time, money, and resources.

So, it is essential you make a comprehensive and well-defined plan to make sure your project does not face any hurdles along the way to development and execution.

What are the Components of the Project Management Plan?

The importance of project management plan templates is essential and needed for project management without question. Before making a project plan you must make yourself familiar with the main components of the general and typical project plan.

Now let us Have a Look at Some of The Components

  1. First is the comprehensive and brief detail of the project.
  2. Then come the major objectives and goals of the project which are often broken down into smaller more manageable parts.
  3. After that, you must take an account of major project resources and incomes.
  4. Risk and issue plans should be also taken into consideration when planning the project
  5. A communication plan must also be part of the major project plan to have a better understanding of your project team members and stakeholders.

Project Scheduling Using Gantt Project Planner

This tool is helpful in making the basic schedule and timetable of the project to make it easy to handle and run smoothly. This way the task is easy to handle and has less to minimal chances of going downhill.

Therefore, a project manager should always give importance to the schedule when it comes to planning a project. That is why the project schedule templates hold a high place in the project management industry.

Gantt Project Planner
Gantt Project Planner

You can make weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly sheets of the project schedule, depending on the need of your project. Production scheduling and arrangement can be complicated when you must do it without any tools.

But by having a tool for management and scheduling through the Gantt chart template, your life can get considerably easy. Subsequently, when you are in the supervision of a project no matter what type or size make sure you have a well-defined project timeline plan on hand to use when in need.

Quality Management Plan

The quality management plan is the most important part of a project management plan. This section will outline how you will ensure that the project meets all quality standards. It should include a list of all quality control procedures that will be used and how often they will be carried out.

A quality management plan is an essential part of the project management plan. It includes the policies and procedures for managing quality on a project.

Quality Management Plan
Quality Management Plan

This includes quality assurance, quality control, and quality assurance techniques. The goal is to establish a process for evaluating and improving the quality of the project.

A project management plan templates excel approach helps you track and improve the quality of your project deliverables. It includes sections for quality objectives, metrics, and improvement plans.

Your quality management plan should detail how you will ensure that your project meets all requirements and expectations.

This includes specifying who is responsible for quality control, what tools and processes will be used, and how quality will be monitored throughout the project.

Lastly, consider the level of complexity of the template. If you are not comfortable using complex formulas, then a simpler template may be a better option for you. The project management plan templates in excel can help you create a quality management plan, schedule management plan, and project scope.

With these tools, you can improve communication and collaboration among team members, set clear expectations, and track project milestones.

Schedule Management Plan

The schedule management plan is another important feature of the project management plan. This section includes a detailed schedule of all tasks that need to be completed during the project. It should also include information on who is responsible for each task and when it needs to be completed.

This template helps you create and track your project schedule. It includes space to list milestones, tasks, deadlines, and responsible parties.

Schedule Management Plan
Schedule Management Plan

This includes identifying key milestones, such as when each phase should be completed and what work must be completed before starting on another phase.

The schedule section should include all activities related to completing the project, including milestones and dependencies between tasks.

Creating a schedule management plan ensures that your project stays on track. This plan details who is responsible for each task, when tasks need to be completed, and what tasks are dependent on others. It also establishes penalties for missed deadlines to keep everyone accountable.

Project Scope

The final aspect of a project management plan is the scope. This defines what is and is not included in the project. It is important to be realistic when defining the scope, as this will help to keep the project within its budget and timelines.

Scope Management Plan Template

The scope section should include the work that needs to be done and what it will take to do it, such as time, cost, resources, risks, and assumptions. This defines what will be done in the project and what won’t be done.

It also covers all aspects of who will do what work, how it will be done, when it will start and end, where it will take place, who is responsible for decisions about changes in the project, and how the changes will be communicated.

Change Management Plan Template

A change management plan is basically a way to handle and manage the change in your project. It is quite difficult to manage and implement a change if you do not have a change management plan in place. The main components of a change plan change proposals, the reason for change estimates the outcome of change and the predictable duration of a change.

Change Management Plan Template
Change Management Plan Template

If you have a proper plan for the change it will change the response of your team towards change. The change management plan also defines the role of the manager to handle the project change and major variations.

Moreover, change is a bit tricky but quite easy to manage and handle when you have a proper plan on hand. Thus, you must make sure you manage change and handle it properly with the use of the required tools.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template

Work breakdown structure template is easily available nowhere to make your programming and scheduling process accurate and give you essential time to view the project stage at any time. As a project manager, you are able to observe the quality of the outcome products and make changes any time you observe necessary for the customer’s satisfaction.

Quantitative Risk Analysis Worksheet Template
Quantitative Risk Analysis Worksheet Template

Format of WBS Template

  • Filling a vacant post
  • Candidate
  • Selection
  • Job specification
  • Shortlisting
  • Interview
  • Post selection

Different operations in the company are performed on daily basis however there is a breakdown structure of these operations to make them successful and accurate. As a project manager, you are able to identify tasks completed and tasks left to make them accomplish before the deadline therefore excel templates are adopted by managers.

Cost Management Plan Template

A cost management plan is a plan to manage and handle the project budget efficiently. Budget and financial planning are something that can not possibly be handled and managed without tools and templates to help.

Project Cost Estimation Template
Project Cost Estimation Template

A cost management plan helps in splitting and managing the money more efficiently. This practice makes finances manage easily and avoid any delay or loss in the finances.

Cost management planning and scheduling is the most frequent practice in the field of project management. This controls the costs and money-related issues throughout the life cycle of the project.

Communications Management Plan Template

Communication is an essential component for a project to succeed without any doubt. Having a communication management plan make things easy and handy for you. As communication makes the project team feel that they are important and create an environment of accountability among the project team members.

Change Management Communication Plan Template
Change Management Communication Plan Template

Furthermore, Communications Management Plan makes it easy to communicate with the team, shareholders, and stakeholders at the same time.

The Communications Management Plan provides you with a roadmap to help you understand how the information should be shared in the project. It also allows you to understand what information is shared, with whom, and at what time.

Hence this is the most convenient and handy way of communication within the project, in short successful communication results in an effective project and eventually successful completion of the project by avoiding any delay.


Consequently, by far we have seen that project planning is so essential for your project to complete successfully. Subsequently, it is highly recommended by project management professionals to make sure you have a proper project plan before starting a project.

This practice ensures the smooth execution and successful running and end of the project without any issues or delays along the way. Thus make sure you have appropriate project management plan templates on hand to plan and manage your project efficaciously.


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