The scrum backlog basically is the number of things that need to be achieved in the project. In this article, you can download various scrum (Agile) and sprint backlog templates in Excel (XLS) and another custom format. The scum technique is applied by different companies all over the world for the purpose of product backlogging.

The product backlog is a dynamic type of thing and can alter according to requirements. The scum product backlog is a technical phenomenon and is very helpful in product development.

  1. Format of Product Backlog
  2. Sprint Backlog Template
  3. Product Backlog Template for Agile Projects
  4. 14 Days and 30 Days Sprint Backlog Template
  5. What Is the Difference Between Sprint Backlog and Product Backlog?
  6. How to Create A Product Backlog?

This article will walk you through the introduction of the Scrum product backlog and its important features.

We will also see how a scum backlog works and why is it important?

Scrum Product Backlog Template in Excel is a powerful tool that enables Agile development teams to effectively manage and prioritize their work.

This template serves as a dynamic repository for all the features, enhancements, bug fixes, and other requirements that are essential to the product’s development.

Its user-friendly interface allows product owners and Scrum teams to collaboratively capture, organize, and maintain a comprehensive list of items, ensuring transparency and easy access to vital project information.

Significant Features of Scrum Product Backlog

The scum product is different in nature from a simple traditional to-do list. Scum procedures can be enhanced when associated with other techniques and practices. Following are some of the most important features of scum backlog:

  1. The entries were done in the scum backlog show and added value to the clients.
  2. By using the backlog, it is easy and straightforward to assign priorities to the products according to their requirement.
  3. You can add detailed information to the product backlog, which is decided and assessed by the position of the entry in the scrum backlog.
  4. All entries in the scum product backlog are calculated and assessed according to their position and significance.
  5. The scrum backlog is a live piece of document that depicts the different entries of the product at different times.
  6. It also can highlight the work required to introduce a product.
  7. The scrum backlog includes the general and no low-level tasks are added to it.

How Does Scrum Product Backlog Work?

To make the most of the scrum product backlog it is necessary to maintain and update it on a regular basis. Therefore, it is needed to manage it properly and with great care. The scrum backlog must be maintained in accordance with ongoing processes in the business.

Following are some important points that show how a scrum product backlog works:

  1. “Whenever the new products are discovered the older ones can shift or move to the other position when it’s convenient.
  2. In this, the most significant and latest products and items must be shifted towards the highest leading position.
  3. Then you must arrange highly ranked products for the upcoming scrum and sprint planning business meeting.
  4. A separate and allocated time should be selected and preserved only for maintaining the scrum product log to keep in log in proper shape.
  5. A proper and well-maintained scrum log is helpful in presenting a clear picture of needs and requirements and makes things easy for the scrum team.”

Sprint Backlog Template

The product backlog in scrum is the customer-prioritized description and information, and the changes needed to the product during the project from start to end. The backlog can be maintained by using two main methodologies one is scrum and another one is agile.


A standard scrum product backlog items are mainly comprised of the following four things:

  1. Features and properties

This step involves the important feature of the product. It explains and outlines the consumer perspective clearly.

  1. Problems and issue

In this stage, the problems and hazards associated with the project tasks and products are highlighted. As the project proceeds, there are some bugs and problems highlighted at different stages of the project. All these are collected and eliminated in a scrum for the next proceedings in the project.

  1. Sprint planning

The sprint planning is carried out by a specific team in sprint meetings. The sequence and order of tasks are decided by the shareholders and customers to proceed further in the project.

  1. Knowledge and Information Acquisition

This step is of great importance as it helps in decision-making and maintaining a log for further action in the project lifecycle.

What Is the Difference Between Sprint Backlog and Product Backlog?

The simple list and scrum product log are quite a lot different among them. In a scrum backlog, the changes are done frequently even until the end of the project. But in the case of the simple list, the changes are not that common. Therefore, in the scrum product backlog, the customer’s and consumers’ opinions and feedback are given great importance while it is the opposite in a simple list.

In a scrum backlog, there is no need of documenting detailed information about the tasks as they are mainly handled by the scrum team separately.

Furthermore, the scrum log carries out the changes chiefly depending on the basis of the feedback and requirements of the consumers and owners. The product details are determined and decided by the position of the product log in the scum.

Product Backlog Template for Agile Projects


Following are some of the benefits of Product Backlog in agile projects development:

  1. As in scrum, the tasks are positioned in accordance with their position this will allow you to complete the project tasks on time without any delay in the process in an agile system.
  2. By using the agile technique, the work is cut down into smaller pieces. This way the project is more manageable and easier to work with.
  3. The division of work allows you to work efficiently and save you a considerable amount of time.
  4. This also aids in maintaining the proper balance in finances. Which eventually makes you save money and avoid misstatement of your expenditures.
  5. The Agile Backlog also helps in making the timely delivery of the products by eradicating the potential threats in the life of the project.

Create Sprint Backlog Template for Excel

First of all, makes sure about days (14 Days Sprint Template, 30 Days Sprint Days Template).

  1. Create Story size vs Value of scrum planning
  2. Dashboard-based template (Sprint and Agile Backlog)
  3. Select sprint stages and develop planning accordingly
  4. Make sure the release plan VS task slip difference in particular backlog stages of (Storyline)

This represents the value of work and product in the project. The transparency of the objectives and key elements are also highlighted by scum artifacts. Every Single artifact in scum makes sure that clear and transparent information is provided.

It also shows that what improvements and changes are needed for the betterment of the project. This methodology aids in maintaining a flow and presents a clear picture of the project goals to follow.


The usage of scrum methodology in product and task management increases its efficiency by many folds. Hence, this tool has a high impact on progress and product development.

Scrum Product Backlog Template in Excel, each item is assigned a unique identifier, detailed description, priority level, and estimated effort required for implementation.

This ensures that the most valuable and critical features are given the highest priority and tackled first, leading to an incremental and iterative development approach.

Additionally, the template allows for the continuous refinement of backlog items as new information emerges, ensuring adaptability to changing project requirements.


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