Today’s topic: “Project Gap Analysis Template“. Gap analysis is basically a way of comparison between the actual performance of the project and the desired planned performance in the project plan.

This way you can easily see how the project is progressing and what are the downfalls in it. No matter what type of business project you are working on the comparison technique has always been helpful in determining the progress of the project.

This article will help you understand what the project gap analysis is and why is it important. We will also have a look at some of its examples to provide you with a clearer picture of the whole concept.

An Overview | Why is a Project Gap Analysis Important?

Gap analysis helps you understand what is needed to be done for the betterment of the project. It is equally beneficial for all kinds, shapes, and categories of the project.

It is a comparison tool for the project to identify the progress and development of the different tasks. Moreover, the origin of this technique is still unknown, but it has surely become a popular way of investigating and evaluating your project’s progress and development at each step of the way.

The Gap Analysis is a tool known for identifying the potential hazards and probable incoming issues associated with the project. This tool is often used for the evaluation of the progress of tasks and the performance of the team members assigned to it.

By this, you can maintain an atmosphere of check and balance which eventually leads your project to success. This is also a user-friendly tool and can be handled very easily. Furthermore, it allows you to manage and analyze your project data in an organized manner.

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Project Gap Analysis Template in Excel is a valuable tool utilized by project managers and teams to assess the discrepancies between the current state of a project and its desired future state.

This template serves as a structured framework that aids in identifying the gaps in various aspects such as resources, skills, processes, and deliverables.

By using Excel as the platform, it offers a user-friendly and easily customizable solution for capturing, analyzing, and visualizing data.

How to Create a Project Gap Analysis Template?

As we have discussed by far how important is gap analysis to let you where your project stands. Now the next question which comes to mind that how we can make a gap analysis template.

When making a gap analysis you must follow the following flow of steps carefully:

  1. First of all, you need to find out the current state of the project and collect as much information about the current situation as you can.
  2. Moreover, you must find out where your project is standing and what is its current state and progress.
  3. And in addition to this, you must also identify the scope of the analysis as well.
  4. Then make sure you make and plan the best possible and attainable goals for the future best state of your business.
  5. After that try to pinpoint the gap between the current state and the probable state of the project.
  6. And you must try to find the best possible and convenient way to fill the gap between the two phases.
  7. Lastly, you must make a way to implement the gap-filling strategy for the best interest of the project.

Product Gap Analysis Template

In this era of fast servicing and competition, there is a need to introduce a new, innovative, and high-quality product in the market to make your product successful. A product gap analysis helps you find out the best strategy and helps you compete in the market by identifying the strategies of your competitors. Also helps you to define your product roadmap by accessing the gap.


This template allows you to identify the best product and aids in identifying and fulfilling the needs of consumers.

The Gap Analysis also helps in identifying the demand for a product in the market. By using this data, you can make a better plan for your product to get in demand.

It also aids in strategic planning and helps you compete in the market. All this helpful information also allows you to make the most of the money and resources you have for a project by avoiding any waste in them. So, when planning on launching a product make sure you have a Product Gap analysis template on hand in advance.

Finance Gap Analysis Template

As we all know managing and keeping track of project cost estimation is an integral part of any business no matter what the type or size is. Because finances are one of the major pillars on which a project stands, and if they are mishandled and mismanaged the project can fail very easily.

Finance Gap Analysis Template
Finance Gap Analysis Template

The financial gap analysis is also another comparison tool, but it is mainly about the comparison of actual recent finances with the planned future probable finances.

Finance Gap Analysis Template is mostly used by project managers to calculate the variance between actual calculated cost performance and probable cost performance.

This is also useful in identifying not only the difference in actual and planned finances but also the project team members’ performance can be identified in contrast to the report of the finance.

Market Gap Analysis Template

The market analysis basically includes information on the markets from where we get our food, groceries, cloth, and many other items. The market gap analysis tool is mainly helpful for trades and investors as this data helps them understand the condition of the market and they can work accordingly.

Market Gap Analysis
Market Gap Analysis

This tool can make so much difference in business as it allows the traders to see what is in demand in the market. By using this set of data traders can increase their sales and enhance the performance of their business to many folds.

This is also a handy way to know the demand and get the trust of the consumers and consumers. That is why the Market Gap Analysis Template is a popular tool in the trading and merchant industry. This tool is known to make a great difference in the performance and growth of the business by increasing sales.

Subsequently, as we all know in the business world you must be at the top of your game to handle the competition of the industry. By using tools like Market Gap Analysis, you can make a great difference.

template typically includes several key sections, starting with a comprehensive project overview that outlines the project’s objectives, scope, and timeline.

Following this, a detailed analysis of the existing resources and capabilities is conducted to understand what is available and what might be lacking.

This includes evaluating the skills and expertise of the team members, the available budget, and any potential risks that might hinder the project’s success.


The Gap analysis holds and special place in project management and has a fair share in the project’s success. Consequently, its significance is undeniable and is also unquestionable.

It is the best and most popular tool for comparison of the current and future planned state of the project. It is highly recommended by project professionals to manage and run a project successfully without any major issues.

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