The PMO Raci matrix basically means accountable and advised. It mainly is the chart for analyzing the responsibilities and processes of the project against the team responsible for each task in the process.

It also highlights the main deliverables and timeline for the completion of tasks throughout the project development.

This is user-friendly and quite straightforward to use. You can easily alter and customize it according to your project requirement.

How Does the RACI Model Help an Organization?

  1. Identify and Tack Roles and responsibilities of any project
  2. For Stakeholder Reporting and role analysis
  3. Use for project progress reporting & Tracking
  4. Easy Role management and project deliverability

This article will help you understand what the PMO Raci matrix is and what are its components. We will also see what the basic format of a Raci matrix chart is.

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What is the Key Benefit of RACI Chart?

Raci matrix is the kind of template which mainly used in taking account of the roles and responsibilities of the individuals of your project team. It keeps a bird’s eye on the persons responsible for specific tasks and their performance too.

Therefore, this template also makes sure of the fact that all the works, stakeholders, and shareholders are well informed and are on the same page.

This creates an environment of trust and accountability in your project. And your teamwork efficiently due to the batter awareness of their allocated roles and responsivities in the project.

Each alphabet represents a different meaning like R is for responsible, A is for accountable, C is for consulted and R stands for responsible.

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So, let us see these four components of the PMO RACI Matrix in a bit of detail

  1. Responsible

This part keeps account of the person responsible for executing tasks in the project. It contains all the necessary data about the person responsible for making the job done. The responsibility of a task could be on one person or if the task is of complex nature it can also be shared among more than one employee.

  1. Accountable

Second, comes accountability this part shows the person accountable and answerable for the important decision-making process in the project. The accountable person has the authority to make an important decision and even can make changes. Moreover, unlike responsibility, accountability is something that cannot be shared. And the person who falls in this category ensures the successful completion of the project on time.

  1. Consulted

Then comes the category of consulted person, this includes the person who is sharp and component enough to get a consultation from. Here only well-trained and experienced people are in this part of the process. These people are a very important part of the project development process and are associated with the project throughout till completion.

  1. Informed

The person in the informed category is responsible for active communication. The duty is to make sure all the member of the team is well aware of any crucial and important changes in the plan. Because it is very important to keep all the member of the project to keep in the loop whenever there is any changes or decisions are made.

How to Create PMO Raci Matrix Chart in Excel?

Are you looking to create a custom Raci matrix Template?

In the PMO Raci matrix tool, each task is reviewed against the performance and the accountable duties. By doing this the performance of your project will improve tremendously. Plus, you will have a better understanding of the performance of every member of your team.

Therefore, by doing all this data you can assign duties and make useful decisions for the betterment of your project.

In the Raci matrix chart first, you must identify and enlist all the project tasks. Then make a list of all the team members of the project and their allocated tasks. After that, the R, A, C, I are assigned to the different members for different tasks according to their expertise.

  1. At first in a Raci matrix chart, there are rows to enlist the functions.
  2. The main functions included in a general Raci matric chart are project plan, initiation, and business requirements.
  3. Then there is a place for documenting testing of hazards and timely delivery.
  4. On the right-hand side, there are different columns for recording information about the project management, project members, and their responsibilities.
  5. All the team members and their responsibilities are mostly documented across the top of the Raci matrix template row.
  6. All the milestones and deliverables are mostly enlisted down the left side of the template.

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Download PMO Raci Matrix Template

1- RACI Chart Template Excel


2- Itil Raci Matrix Template


3- PMO-Raci-Chart-Template


Types of Raci Matrix

Following are project-based Raci matrix types.

ITIL Raci Matrix

Raci matrix is very useful with ITIL as it highlights who is accountable for any change in the project plan. As it also provides a clear picture of accountability, liability, and responsivity in IT-based services and facilities management processes. ITIL defines three different functions which are as follows.

  1. Application Management
  2. Technical Management
  3. Operational Management

In an IT setup often, it is difficult to identify the accountability and responsibility of the team members. In this situation, the Raci matrix with ITIL comes very handy and is fit for the job. So, the Raci matrix in services and operational parts of ITIL proves to be very effective in tracking down the responsibilities of the team right at the beginning of the project.

Stakeholder Raci Matrix Template

Every business organization has a list of stakeholders in it. The stakeholders are responsible for different events and essential decision-making processes. The stakeholder, shareholders, and costumes are known to be a vital part of any business setup. Each stakeholder has a part to play in the success of the project and has a considerable amount of influence on each task.

Therefore, the stakeholder Raci matrix template is beneficial in identifying the roles and responsivities of stakeholders in business developmental processes. It also simplifies the stakeholder actions which are necessary for the betterment of the project.

The Raci matrix template for stakeholders also allows you to see which stakeholder has which part to play and are how influential for specific tasks. As some stakeholders are for financing, some are responsible for other resources in the project. Moreover, this tool also makes your job easy to show when and which stakeholder needs to be notified and connected about a specific event or change in the project.


Due to the diverse nature and important features of the PMO Raci matrix template, it is known to be the vital and most important tool in the field of project management. As it aids in highlighting and managing the responsibilities of the team.

Consequently, this in the end is helpful to assess the project performance and track down employee contribution to the project.


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