A project charter is basically the authorized plan and permission given to the managers to go ahead with a planned project. It includes the authority to utilize organizational resources for project activities. It mainly includes the project scope and important elements included in the project plan.

The project charter I knew as the establishment of a project. A finalized and authorized project charter creates the authority to commence a project.

Great attention and detailed information should go into the construction of a charter since its significance is very crucial. If you forgo the value of the project charter, your project accomplishment and deliverables will practically certainly deteriorate.

A charter chiefly is the green signal to start a project. It outlines mainly the project and comprises key participants, project scope, objectives, and overall objectives. Therefore, It is an exceptionally valuable document that can be used to kickstart your project.

PMBOK® Project Charter Template

PMBOK® Defines Project Charter defines by A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as a document issued by the project initiator or sponsor that formally authorizes the existence of a project.

What Should a Project Charter Include?

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Business demands
  3. Summary plan
  4. Statements and constraints
  5. Business case, including payback on assets

The Role and Purpose of a Project Charter

Now the question is why should a charter be used? It is utilized as a thorough overview of the project. Additionally, the project charter permits all parties involved to reach a settlement and document major aspects of the project. The charter also encourages the decision-making procedure and is also often utilized as a communication tool.

The charter is considered the greatest marketing tool for a project. It is made at the very beginning of the project. It is an ideal document that provides links between the project and the managerial strategy.

Project Charter Template Excel PMI is a valuable tool designed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) to facilitate the initiation phase of a project.

This comprehensive template serves as a formal document that outlines the project’s essential details and establishes its core foundations. The Excel format ensures easy customization and organization of project information, making it accessible for project managers and teams alike.

What is the Purpose of a Project Charter?

This Project Charter outlines the objective, goals, and capacity of the project. The purpose of a Project Charter is:

  1. To give the proper plan and understanding of the whole project
  2. To provide the reason for conducting the project
  3. Provides and highlights the scope of the project
  4. To establish the project manager and his or her authority level

Six Sigma Project Charter Rules

A project charter as we know the first step in starting a project. In a Six Sigma project, a charter is also considered as the first step. In a six sigma process, the charter has the responsibility to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. It is an essential component in the success of the project. It mainly is known as an agreement between the Six Sigma team and administration.

The Six Sigma Project Charter is similar to a simple charter, but it includes a bit more detailed information. Following is an overview of what to incorporate in a Six Sigma Project Charter.

Initiation Planning Template

What is a Six Sigma Project Charter?

  1. A Title: A explanatory name for the project.
  2. Black or Green Belt: Classify who is running and handling the project.
  3. Adviser: Who is the project’s biggest leader? This basically is the person who facilitates and helps the black and green belt when a problem arises in a project.
  4. Responsibility of champion: The Champion provides an approach and supports and accelerates Six Sigma activities.
  5. Beginning Date: The date the project manager initiates acting on the project.
  6. Expected End Date: it includes information about when will the project be completed.
  7. Business Case: Define the problem, and explanation why the project must be done now. Plus, it also includes concerns about postponing the project.
  8. Challenge Statement:  This is the kind of statement that gives a clear description of the problem including impact, scale, and critical components. The statement must be concise and clearly identified by members of the group.
  9. Target Statement: This describes project goals that should be met in the planned time frame.
  10. Project Scope: This part identifies the budget constraints, decision-makers, the purpose, and the team’s region of impact.
  11. Project Vision: This includes the anticipations of the project and how will it be completed on time.

How to Create a Project Charter?

A good project charter makes the decision if the project even gets started or not. It chiefly provides approval for the project to become functional, so the project manager demands it before they can get into funds and supplies. Here is everything you must know to get the ideal project charter.

What Is Included In a Project Charter?

  1. The introduction describes the project’s objective. Comprises the project name, a short-term report, and the correct permission of agreement.
  2. Project business scope of the project and any individual traits.
  3. Achievement criteria include the critical factors that define the project’s accomplishment. This often enlists the deliverables expected on the project conclusion.
  4. Deliverables– more detailed primary project requirements or key deliverables.
  5. The budget information section provides information about the expenses needed for each individual task of the project.
  6. Outline of risks reviews any prospective or real key threats to the achievement of the project.
  7. Approvals include the signed and finalized project charter document.



The Benefits of a Project Charter

As we know by now that a project charter is an essential and must-have document and agreement for the project team. It addresses the scope and objectives of the project.

This document also covers the roles and duties of the project team members. Creating a project charter is an important part of a productive project management lifecycle.

Project charters provide many valuable advantages. Some of them are:

  1. Permits you to have a signed and properly managed document of authentication level.
  2. Creates and explains the influence of the project manager and project promoters.
  3. It is a confirmation for approval centered on the business case instead of biased opinions.
  4. Helps in making sure of improved policy for payback on investment.
  5. Allows the project managers to see if the progress is according to the company’s strategic plan.
  6. Provides information about the progress of the tasks in the project. And permits team members to examine the authorized charter. This provides a clear overview of the purpose of the project
  7. Helps nonprofit organization to generate and establish funding schemes.

Agile Project Charters


Agile Project Chartering serves the purpose of creating a shared vision among all stakeholders. It describes the project’s purpose, composition, and approach, and it provides authorization from the sponsor for the project to proceed.

Format of Project Charter Template

A project carter must have the following fields;

  • Employee’s credentials
  • Description of a project
  • Project scope
  • Business case
  • Constraints (in priority order)
  • Project deliverables
  • Project benefits (measurable results)
  • Steering committee
  • Project team
  • Key stakeholders
  • Risks
Project Charter Datasheet
Project Charter Datasheet

This sheet will allow you to edit all the information according to your project’s desire. The changes you will make here will show up on the main page. It’s a simple user-friendly sheet, just type manually the project description project scope, project title, and every detail mentioned here on this page.

Once a datasheet is filled up with new details just go to the main home page, and click on the top right dropdown option in the title of the project section (As Shown in fig below). Now every job has shown up with different credentials. Just click on them and export them to PDF in a single click.

The Agile Project Charter is owned by the product owner or Product roadmap, while the input to craft the document could be provided by various stakeholders. The agile charter provides information about how the project will proceed, who will get benefit from it, and why.

An Agile project charter is an easy and straightforward document made at the beginning of the project. It also serves as a roadmap for accomplishing the planned and expected results of the project.

Project Charter Template Excel PMI typically includes key components such as the project’s objectives, scope, deliverables, stakeholders, and success criteria.

It helps project managers define and communicate the project’s purpose, ensuring that all team members have a clear understanding of the project’s goals and direction. Additionally, the template highlights project risks, assumptions, and constraints, allowing for proactive risk management and mitigation strategies to be put in place.

It Comprises Three Main Components

  1. Project vision
  2. Mission statement
  3. Success standards


Hence, we have seen that the project can not get a kick start without an authenticated and approved project charter. We can say that the project charter is a major part of your project’s success. It offers investors and sponsors a mutual understanding of the project.

Consequently, it is mainly an arrangement between the main stakeholders and managers of the project. It is a central part of the project and serves as the mandatory element which offers a path to success.

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