Fig. 4 Project scope management plan sample

What is the Scope of Work in Construction?

It is an agreement that nearly describes how the work needs to be done through a project. The project scope statement template helps to maintain the construction budget. Construction scope is much more important than defining a construction budget.

It lays the foundation of the project and the better the foundation is set the smoother the progress will be. A well-described construction scope brings down all the participants of the project on the same page.

It also helps with the clarity of the contracts that are to be made so that no miscommunication or mishandling occurs during the project. The project’s progress can be tracked by comparing the ongoing progress with the set targets prior to the start.

How to Write a Scope of Work in Construction

  • Project Overview: The whole idea of the project is described/summarized briefly along with the objectives to keep the team focused on the goals.
  • Milestones: To know the goals or deliverables are very important as they create an impact when the project is presented to the contractors. Also, setting goals can make a remarkable difference in the performance of the team.
  • Scope and details: This gives information about the tasks and their technical details. The techniques and evaluation criteria are defined.
  • Task Scheduling: Not extensive task details are recorded but a précised to-do list is presented in the document so that it becomes easier to set the timeline of the project.
  • Management or Administration: Payments and other few things need a keen management plan which is dealt with by the team and legal documentation is done so that no disputes occur during or after the project.

Here is an example of the scope of work of the project with all the details.

Fig. 1 Construction scope of the project
Fig. 1 Construction scope of the project

Project Charter Scope Example

Project Charter is an official document having some project details like its objectives, scope, outline, task management, and respective team roles. This document gives the project manager authorization to spend the project budget as per the details mentioned in this formal document.

Benefits of Project Charter are as Follow

  • It saves time and energy greatly
  • Gives better insight into the budget
  • Develops proper work breakdown
  • Defines the core value of the project
  • Keeps the team in the loop and motivated

The main components of the project scope statement template include; project name, sponsor, Project manager, date of approval, project description, the scope of the project, timeline, budget, project deliverables, benefits, steering committee, key stakeholders, and perceived risks. The document can be altered as per the team consensus and the project manager’s approval.

Fig. 2 Project Charter Example
Fig. 2 Project Charter Example

In-Scope and Out of Scope Template

A project manager is responsible for developing a scope that keeps the employees aligned with it. The scope of the project depends on some factors like the budget, team, objectives, and the goals of the project.

Fig. 3 In and out scope requirement template
Fig. 3 In and out scope requirement template

For instance, a task is not included in the objectives or goals of the project then such tasks are called out of scope and the tasks which revolve around the objectives are in scope. So, strategy is developed to keep the utmost things of the project in scope. This keeps the team focused and works well for the progress of the project.

The project manager is the one who actually defines the scope of the project and later everything is settled as the pre-designed scope.

Figure 3 is the basic template for the in scope and out of scope. To keep the project aligned and in scope, you need to keep clear records, follow the prior set boundaries/targets, performance assessments, and anticipate changes. Project managers can amend the template as per the requirement of the details that need to be recorded.

Project Scope Management Plan Template

Having well-defined scope can literally change the whole perspective of the project. The project scope includes the purpose, objectives, budget, and timeline of the project. It basically has all the framework of the project.

Fig. 4 Project scope management plan sample
Fig. 4 Project scope management plan sample

Steps that you can follow to develop an effective project scope management plan;

  • Verify the requirement of your project from the stakeholders
  • Define scope, objectives, and the goals of the project
  • Work break down
  • Approve the detailed work breakdown and make changes if required
  • Assign the responsibilities as per the skills of the team members
  • Set the project deliverables
  • Develop a system to document or control change requests

Project scope management caters to how well the scope is explained, structured, and verified. In the scope management plan, the project manager carefully makes up the happenings of the project.

The project scope statement template includes a work plan throughout the project, monitoring of the processes, tracking the progress to keep the project aligned with the actual plan or idea of the project.

Project Scope Statement Template in Excel is a valuable tool used in project management to outline the objectives, deliverables, constraints, and requirements of a project.

This document serves as a roadmap that guides project teams, stakeholders, and clients throughout the project’s lifecycle, ensuring everyone is on the same page and understands the project’s boundaries.

In addition, for more information about Project Scope Statement Template please contact with support team.


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