Are you looking for a template to officially and properly complete and close your project? Then the Project Closure Report Template will be a great help for you. You can find them in Microsoft Word (DOC) or PowerPoint (PPT) format according to your requirements.

A project closure report is s basically an authorized project document at its completion. This is an official and well-managed way of completing the project in a professional way. This is basically the final assessment of the project progress from start until finish.

This article will help you understand what the Project Closure Report Template is and whys are it important. We will also see how to write this report.

What Is A Project Closure Report Template?

The Project Closure Report Template basically is a way of assessing and analyzing the success of the project and officially putting an end to it by doing a proper closure. This is a way that allows us to see whether the project has been successful or not. This tool also helps in maintaining a log for the project deliverables.

Furthermore, Project Closure Report aids in analysis and recording that which are the accomplishments of the project. It has a proper log of the success and failure of the project throughout the project lifecycle.

This will allow the stakeholders, managers, and other project officials to get a clear idea about the project’s progress and success at its completion.

Therefore, mostly the project managers make sure that the Project Closure Report is made at the end of each project to keep a catalog about the project’s success and accomplishments.

Mostly it is up to the project manager to make sure that the closure report is made properly at the end of the project.

How to Write A Project Closure Report?

Mostly the closure report is made when the project is on its way towards ending. It is completed as the project is closed and the final product is delivered to the project owners and shareholders. In short, it is a final report of all the project progress at the time of project closure and is used to see how the project has been working throughout from start till end.

By far we have discussed the project closure report and now the next question is how to write this report?

Following are some basic steps that can be used to write a project closure report:

  1. The first step of writing a closure report is to make a summary of all the important tasks and steps of the whole project from beginning till the end
  2. Then make a proper description of all the performance, development, and progress of the project. In this, all the levels of achievements, targets, and outcomes must be included.
  3. In the next step, you must describe the project scope and objective to see what was planned for the project at the start.
  4. After that project schedule and the details about the costs and expenditure must be logged properly. This is the most crucial part of the report so must be handled and noted down carefully.
  5. Then comes the analysis of the project performance. This step of the closure report includes the comparison of the set goals and requirements with the actual outcome of the project at ending. This basically allows you to see and analyze the accomplishments and performance of the project.
  6. Next, the project highlighted events and happening must be documented.
  7. Then you must write down all the problems faced during the project execution. And make sure that

there is a brief description of the experiences and lessons learned throughout the project.

Project Closure PowerPoint Slides

1. Project Dashboard


2. Project Status Report


3. Project Timeline


4. Project Brief


5. Project Closure Report


Project Closure Checklist Excel

A project closure checklist is maintained to make sure that all the important closure information of the project is included in the project closure report.

  1. First, you have the project scope document you must see that all the requirements are meet listed in that document.
  2. Make sure that all the deliverables are passed over to the relevant persons in a proper way. And you must also make a log of the project deliverables at the point of delivering them.
  3. You must also check carefully that all the important and official project documents are properly and correctly signed and approved by the relevant person.
  4. All the important documents and contracts must be managed and logged with extra care.
  5. once all the closure documents have been signed, they need to be documented and saved in a proper way.
  6. And once you have all the documents like contracts, reports, and invoices then you must maintain a record of all the documents related to the project to make an archive for use in the future.

In the end, you must document all the identified problems, mistakes, and feedback from the project-related relevant persons. This document will help you see the flaws and mistakes and allow you to avoid them in the future in upcoming projects.

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