Stakeholders vs Shareholders

Whenever you are running a business or planning a new one there is always a dire need for planning before time. The pre-planning and decision-making are keys to success for any business requirements.

There is no room for error when a new business is under process. You need to be very careful and preside. As the new business does not afford to have errors or mistakes.

In this article, we will discuss what is a Stakeholder register template and what is its importance. We will also see what a stakeholder management plan should include. And what is a stakeholder engagement plan? And

Project Stakeholder Register Template in Excel is an invaluable tool for any project manager seeking to efficiently manage stakeholders throughout the project’s lifecycle.

This comprehensive template is designed to capture all pertinent information about the stakeholders involved in the project, helping to enhance communication, engagement, and collaboration.

What are the Common Types of Stakeholders?

It does not matter which industry or which business you are dealing with the identification of stakeholders is very important.

This plays a considerably important role in completing your project. Once you identify the stakeholders you need to manage a register to document all the information.

These 10 Common Types of Stakeholders are as Follows:

  1. Suppliers
  2. Investors
  3. Creditors
  4. Communities
  5. Owners
  6. Customers
  7. Media
  8. Trade unions
  9. Employees
  10. Government agencies


A decent Stakeholder register template plays an important role in managing your business successfully.

Therefore, the stakeholder register is a document that you need to maintain at the very early stages of the project. The stakeholder can be of personal or group nature.

A stakeholder has relevance in the result of the project. Furthermore, the project will influence the stakeholders directly or implicitly. The types of persons that can be included in the stakeholder list are promoters, advisors, and other experts.

Furthermore, as the project processes, the number of stakeholders may add up throughout the projected growth. In this situation, you need to update the stakeholder register on the addition of every stakeholder to keep you on track.

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Components of Stakeholder Register

The Stakeholder Register is a vital category of the document in Stakeholder Management. It is information in the form of a record of all company stakeholders.

This information is usually obtained from stakeholder mapping and stakeholder analysis.

We must keep in mind that the Stakeholder Register varies from Stakeholder Analysis or Stakeholder Engagement plans.

The reason is registered mainly precisely concentrating on every single stakeholder’s name and contact details. But the other tools focus on interest or the engagement strategy used by stakeholders.

Excel template typically includes several key sections, starting with a detailed stakeholder identification section. Here, project managers can input stakeholders’ names, roles, contact information, and their level of influence or interest in the project.

This aids in prioritizing stakeholders based on their importance and impact on the project’s success.

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The stakeholder Register Should Contain the Following components

  1. Stakeholder identity like name
  2. Stakeholder Evaluation Group
  3. The organization they belong to
  4. Role of work title
  5. Address Phone numbers Emails Website
  6. Remarks and notes

The Register is often made in tabular format either in a Word table or in an Excel spreadsheet.

Now the next question is how we make a Stakeholder Register. Let see how the register should be maintained.

How to Create A Stakeholder Management Plan

Now that you know what a stakeholder is, you should know how to do it to ensure that you will create a valuable file.

It does not matter what kind or category of project you are working on you can use the following directions and guidelines to make sure that you will construct your stakeholder register accurately.

  1. Isolate the Stakeholders

The initial thing you should include in a stakeholder register is the name and identity of the stakeholder. The things included in this section are name, job title, and contact information like address and phone number. By doing so you easily identify the specific stakeholder and make quick contact.

  1. Establish an Assessment

This part of the report includes the qualifications and anticipations of the stakeholders. It is also documented in this section how often and when the contact has been made. Additionally, you can also document the role and interest of each stakeholder in the project.

  1. Classify the Stakeholder

The next step is the classification and categorization of the stakeholders according to their influence on the project. So, this step is of great importance in organizing a stakeholder register.

  1. Develop a Stakeholder Analysis Plan

The next step is making a stakeholder plan. This is basically based on the influence of the stakeholder on an ongoing project.

Without this register, your project will have no control or direction. So, you must keep in mind that for a better business outcome, you must create a good quality stakeholder register for your project.

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Stakeholders vs Shareholders

Stakeholders vs Shareholders
Stakeholders vs Shareholders

How to Make a Stakeholder Management Plan?

The stakeholder management plan is a document that has a very high and positive effect on your project. This document helps in minimizing the negative effects on your project.

This is very important and essential for the good health and success of the business. The things you must include in creating this plan are the power and level of influence of each stakeholder on the project.

The Vision Stakeholder Value Analysis

The main reason for conducting a vision stakeholder analysis is to launch and support the vision, determination, and values of organizational divine leadership.

It also helps in pinpointing and categorizing crucial stakeholder problems. This analysis also helps in making strategies and provides the grounds to address and resolve the issues.

An organization’s vision analysis utilizes a concept and values-focused stakeholder methodology. This process is commenced by creating a vision by deliberate managers to serve up important stakeholders.

After that in the next step, the vision then forms the foundation for the social building of the company and the principled system and values fundamental for it.

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What Are the Benefits of the Stakeholder Register Template?

Stakeholder management is vital for project development and execution. It includes creating connections with project stakeholders to find objectives and address their expectations.

  1. Stakeholder evaluation reveals and eliminates multiple difficulties and hurdles in acknowledging the project’s progress, development, and stakeholder analysis.
  2. It also removes any hurdles in issuing successful projects by getting knowledge about project supporters, opponents, and their levels of significance in the project.
  3. Stakeholder satisfaction is essential for you to finish the project successfully. And for that, the project stakeholder register comes in very handy, as it contains all the information needed regarding stakeholders.

Another essential component of the template is the stakeholder assessment section. This segment allows project managers to analyze the stakeholders’ attitudes, expectations, and potential risks associated with each of them.

Understanding these factors helps in devising appropriate strategies for managing and involving stakeholders effectively.


Consequently, a Good analysis of stakeholders is important in the accomplishment and success of your organization and projects.

Undeniably, a proper stakeholder analysis is very valuable and essential to give recommendations on the project’s needs. So, a Stakeholder Analysis is a substantial and major process that should be conducted cautiously.

A Project Stakeholder Register Template in Excel is a tool designed to track and manage key stakeholders in a project. It typically includes fields for stakeholder names, roles, contact information, influence levels, expectations, and engagement strategies.


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